Problem solving, collective unconscious, and social evolution one piece at a time

This post was published as an essay on Dorothea Mordan’s page.

When a critical number of people see a problem, some start seeing an answer.

This essay has to start with a shout out to one of my favorite urban legends/intellectual theories — The Hundredth Monkey Effect. In short, this is a reference to a 1950’s research study of monkeys, which produced a theory that once a critical number of members of a group (in this case 100 monkeys) has learned a new behavior, that behavior will be acquired spontaneously by other groups of monkeys, despite being separated by great distances. In this study, the successive groups of monkeys were on different islands, separated by many miles of ocean.

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Who needs Support to Live Independently?

Kitsune, Inc. is  dedicated to helping people with disabilities who fall through the cracks of receiving services.

Our group is composed of family members of young adults on the autistic spectrum or with learning delays, two landlords, a retired lawyer, a member of another local nonprofit group, and two professionals who provide services to the disabled in Frederick county. Due our experiences with family and others in our lives, the founders of Kitsune formed a plan to address some of the needs of those who fall through the cracks.

Where are the cracks?

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Kitsune, Inc.

Kitsune, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit founded in 2016,  dedicated to life skills education & creative solutions for independent living.

Kitsune’s First Annual Fundraiser – Thursday March 29, 2018

Please join us to hear about our organization and our plans, listen to inspiring speakers, and participate in a couple of fun activities.

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